Unlike other cleaners that contain phosophorus, benzine, ammonia and other toxic pollutants, Quickleen has no ingredients that damage the environment. The only thing Quickleen hurts is dirt!


New QUICKLEEN-R specifically for domestic and commercial range hood filters..

How it works..?

Business Opportunity

As a Regional Distributor. We are offering you an opportunity to become one of only 8 sole Distributors for Quickleen in Regional NSW and ACT Territory. You will be able to buy the products at wholesale rates and sell them to your existing customers as well as opening up a whole new range of possibilities with new customers you are presently not dealing with. This is a great opportunity to add a new range of unique - and cost effective - products for an existing business with a customer base through out the Region.

As an Independent Sales Agent. You will be your own boss, work the hours that suit you, have your own defined, exclusive territory and multiple income streams so the more time and effort you put into your business the greater your rewards. Every day will be different. One day you may be demonstrating the products for local business and the next day you may be in a Shopping Centre or a Trade Show or a weekend market. The choice is up to you. You will be selling the most cost effective cleaning products available to a variety of Commercial Domestic, Local Governments, Industry and Hospitality groups in your territory.

Quickleen-S is 11 times more powerful than caustic soda yet it is safe to use and surprisingly contains no phosphorous. It requires no gloves, it is safe to touch, there are no fumes given off, no odour, no smell and more importantly that user friendly wipe on wipe off method. It is HACCP approved for use in food preparation areas and is made in Australia.

Quickleen-S cuts through grease, sanitizes, kills mould, mildew, bacteria and other allergy causing pathogens. For baked on areas like BBQ's and Ovens there is no need for toxic alkaline-based cleaners, no horrible fumes and no need for rubber gloves, masks etc. There is no need to wait for hours after you clean the BBQ or oven like some oven cleaners. It can also be used on hot and cold surfaces.

The commercial and domestic use for this product is endless. It will clean stainless steel, copper, brass, silver, aluminium, metal, floor and wall tiles (grouting & mould), shower screens, glass and bench tops.

Quickleen-R is a Heavy Duty powered detergent that is designed for the removal of the most stubborn food and grease deposits from aluminium, stainless steel and plastic filter nodules found in domestic range hoods and commercial grease filters and extraction fan systems.

Think about every business in your area, or home for that matter, that has a commercial kitchen with ovens grillers, fryers, range hoods, canopies, splash backs, pots and pans, glass door fridges, countertops, etc. Also homes with kitchens, utensils, baths, bathrooms, tile floors, glass windows and doors, silver and copper or brass ornaments...the opportunities are endless.


Quickleen Australia is now looking for distributors to extend our reach across the world. This is an amazing opportunity for motivated entrepreneurs who want to get in on the ground floor with a revolutionary product that's selling like crazy in 9 countries including US, Germany, China, and the UK.

Customer says About us

“I’ve restored antiques all my life and can honestly say that nothing compares to the power of Quickleen. Quickleen allows me to clean, polish, and finish stainless steel antiques and any other metallic items. Customers are always amazed at the shine on my antiques and I have no doubt this has closed many a deal.”

Antique Dealer Hartford, CT


“I’m now a believer! I only used a tiny bit of Quickleen & it cleaned my silver instantly.

I have a large silverplate serving bowl that belonged to my grandmother & I’d never been able to get it clean. With Quickleen- done!”

Jo Murphy